Heilbronn: Quantum Algorithms Day 2017

4 April 2017, 10.00 AM - 4 April 2017, 6.15 PM

Frank Lecture Theatre, Physics Building

Continuing the popular series of Heilbronn quantum algorithm meetings, the meeting showcases recent highlights in the field. We have four outstanding speakers invited from around the world to talk about their recent work. This year we are also hosting a poster session and we encourage people to present their work. As in previous meetings, we expect the discussions to be lively and informative!
Fernando Brandao (CalTech)
Elizabeth Crosson (CalTech)
Iordanis Kerenidis (Paris)
Stephen Piddock (Bristol)
If you would like to present a poster please send a title (and abstract if it is not clear how the work relates to the meeting) to steve.brierley@damtp.cam.ac.uk .
There is no conference fee but we do ask that people register so we can provide catering for everyone. Please follow the link to our registration form

Quantum Speed-ups for Semidefinite Programming

Fernando Brandao

Simulated quantum annealing can be exponentially faster than classical simulated annealing

Elizabeth Crosson

Universal Quantum Hamiltonians

Stephen Piddock

Quantum Machine Learning algorithms

Iordanis Kerenidis

Slides from the conference:

QA 17 Crosson Slides (PDF, 612kB)   

This meeting is also supported by the EPSRC.


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