Covid-19 update: national lockdown announced

On Monday 4 January the Government announced a return to national lockdown

As such, all our libraries and study centres are currently closed, with the exception of the Arts and Social Sciences Library, which remains open for urgent access only:

  • if you require access to IT and digital services – for example you do not have it at home
  • if you are unable to study at home and need specific facilities.

Library staff can be reached to arrange access to the Arts and Social Sciences Library either by emailing, or via the intercom at the main entrance between the hours of 8-6. These provisions are likely to change as government advice is updated so please check the webpage regularly.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Stay ‘Winter Well’: your seasonal library mini-guide

Throughout the coming months we want you to stay ‘Winter Well’ – that means getting into some healthy habits that will help you to make the most of your study time, strike the right balance between work, rest and play while making sure you look after yourself, wherever you are during the Winter season.

Vacation loans

All items borrowed from Wednesday 25 November will be due back on Monday 8 February at the earliest but will renew automatically unless requested by another reader.

Items already on loan will update to this vacation loan when they next automatically renew.

Online Study Lounges – connect with others whilst studying, this winter break

Anyone looking to connect with others and do some studying over the winter break is very welcome to join our online Study Lounges. Run by fellow students, the Bristol Futures Advocates, the sessions will start with a fun, motivational warm up writing exercise, some goal setting and then an opportunity to get down to some serious work in the same virtual space as others. The Advocates will be on hand to offer help and suggestions and ensure that everyone takes breaks. We’ll be running these sessions to fit with the excellent Global Lounge activities timetable, so that you can balance fun, being sociable and working. 

To reserve a place, follow this link or click here:

Self-care during the winter months

It’s really important to make time for some self-care during the Winter months, even more so while our lives continue to be affected by COVID-19, so we have refreshed our wellbeing page with some new content ideas and resources – stop on by and check it out. 

It doesn’t hurt to be reminded of these at-a-glance tips for combining study with stress management as we progress towards and though the January assessment period: 

  • Little and often: Avoid cramming burn-out by breaking down your study time to two or three hours each day of the holiday. Making revision your focal point at these times will help you to be more productive.  

  • Learn to turn off: Try to avoid having your computer switched on constantly. If you’re revising your handwritten notes, make these your focus.  

  • Pick a strategy: Look at what you have to learn. Is it facts, how to solve problems, complex ideas or how to apply knowledge? Drawing can be a good way to summarise information. Set manageable deadlines and work towards them systematically.  

  • Test yourself as you go along: Only go back to the bits you didn’t remember. Saying things out loud or writing down key words is a quick way to see what you know. 

  • Drink plenty (of water!): You are more productive when you’re hydrated, so keep sipping away. Resist temptation and avoid sugary snacks. They may give you energy but it’ll be short-lasting. Stick to natural sugars and eat healthy energy foods such as nuts or fruit.

  • Don’t worry, be happy: When thinking about the exams, tell yourself you’ll do fine and tell any doubts that you have to be quiet and just get the job done. Remember: it’s okay not to be perfect, just try your best.  

  • Work, rest and play: Balance is crucial. Be sure to combine everything you do in equal and sensible measures. The weather may conspire against you, but even a quick walk outside for some fresh air can help lift your spirits and keep you focused. 

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We have revamped our regular wellbeing information to bring you some resources to support you during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Some are interactive, others are simply soothing. All we hope are enjoyable, and help you to relax and be productive.

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