An introduction to Open Research

7 June 2022, 11.00 AM - 7 June 2022, 12.00 PM


The concept of 'open research' has made a significant impact on scholarly activities, with funding councils, government and publishers increasingly placing a focus on research that is transparent, accountable, and accessible to a worldwide audience. Current expectations in this area centre around Research Data Management and Open Access to scholarly outputs. This workshop will provide an introductory overview and will cover:

  • How open research can impact on each stage of the research lifecycle
  • The importance of the Data Management Plan (DMP) in meeting funder requirements
  • How to publish underlying research data and cite it via a Data Access Statement
  • The benefits of Open Access and how to comply with requirements
  • Balancing openness with the need to capitalise on research findings

This workshop is aimed at early career and postgraduate researchers and has no prerequisites.

Please log into the Develop portal and search the Catalogue for: An introduction to Open Research.

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