We hope you enjoy your Christmas break, even if you are still studying.

Your library at Christmas

Vacation Loans

Vacation loans start on Monday 17 December and end on Thursday 3 January. Vacation loans are due back on Thursday 10 January. Please check the status of your items before leaving Bristol.

Study facilities during the holiday

Arts and Social Sciences Library

Sunday 23 December - CLOSES AT 10pm
Monday 24 December - CLOSED
Tuesday 25 December - CLOSED
Wednesday 26 December - CLOSED
Thursday 27 December (ground floor) - 24/7
Friday 28 December (ground floor) - 24/7
Saturday 29 December (ground floor) -  24/7
Sunday 30 December (ground floor) -  24/7
Monday 31 December (ground floor) - CLOSES AT 10pm
Tuesday 1 January -CLOSED
Wednesday 2 January -  Library reopens at 9am; then opens 24/7 on all floors until 25 January

Beacon House Study Centre

Open 7:30am – 10:00pm (except Tuesday 25 December, Wednesday 26 December and Tuesday 1 January)

All libraries are open with term-time hours from Thursday 3 January. 

Extended opening during the January 2019 revision and assessment period

Arts and Social Sciences Library: From Wednesday 2 January (from 9am) - 24/7

Wills Library: From Thursday 3 January - 8am to midnight 

Off-campus access to library resources

Many of the Library’s eBooks, eJournals and databases are available to use off-site via the web. Help and advice is available.

Ask A Librarian

Use our out-of -hours Ask a librarian service if you have questions about library resources or produres.

For IT enquires call 0117 428 2100 - phone line open 24/7

Use of other university libraries

You may be able to use other UK University libraries for reading and reference through the SCONUL Access scheme.

Coming soon:

Study Skills in January

Study Skills has online resources on revision skills, exam technique and wellbeing for use during the January exam period. You can also book a 1-1 tutorial or a place on a revision skills or exam techniques workshop. Resources and all booking forms can be found on the Blackboard Study Skills tab via this link.

Find a study desk

The Find a study desk service will be live during the January assessment period - this is designed to indicate desk availability levels across the libraries and study centres at regular times during the day.

Changes to Library Search

Shortly after the Christmas break you will notice some changes to the display of Library Search as we upgrade our core library systems. In the longer term, these changes will allow us to make improvements across our service.

New Library

Keep up-to-date with this exciting project as it moves through its early planning stages.

Some vacation study tips

Little and often: Avoid cramming burn-out by breaking down your study time to
two or three hours each day of the holiday. Making revision your focal point at these
times will help you to be more productive.

Learn to turn off: Try to avoid having your computer switched on constantly. If
you’re revising your handwritten notes, make these your focus.

Pick a strategy: Look at what you have to learn. Is it facts, how to solve
problems, complex ideas or how to apply knowledge? Drawing can be a good
way to summarise information. Set manageable deadlines and work towards them

Test yourself as you go along: Only go back to the bits you didn’t remember.
Saying things out loud or writing down key words is a quick way to see what you

Drink plenty (of water!): You are more productive when you’re hydrated, so keep
sipping away. Resist temptation and avoid sugary snacks. They may give you
energy but it’ll be short-lasting. Stick to natural sugars and eat healthy energy foods
such as nuts or fruit.

Don’t worry, be happy: When thinking about the exams, tell yourself you’ll do fine
and tell any doubts that you have to be quiet and just get the job done. Remember:
it’s okay not to be perfect, just try your best.

Work, rest and play: Balance is crucial. Be sure to combine everything you do in
equal and sensible measures. The weather may conspire against you, but even a
quick walk outside for some fresh air can help lift your spirits and keep you focused.

The information on this page is also available as a printed Christmas card, available in all libraries. The illustration on the front of the card and the top of this page was produced by University of Bristol student Alisha Bradbury ( alishabradburyart@gmail.com)

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