Design objectives and Vision

A library is a space for connection with ideas and with others. It is the place where people meet, read, think, write, research, share, create new ideas and make new discoveries. We have developed the following objectives to deliver this vision.

1. Supporting wellbeing
We will incorporate the latest innovations in design theory and practice to ensure the library best supports the wellbeing of our students and staff. Carefully designed spaces will provide a sense of relaxation and support, particularly for our students who spend extended hours in the facility.
2. Inclusive and accessible
The new library space will be welcoming to all users, as an environment where diversity is valued and everybody feels supported. All aspects of the building will facilitate ease of accessibility for all.
3. Inspirational
The architecture will delight and inspire innovation and discovery. It will be a building with spaces that create opportunities for intellectual pursuit and elevated thinking. Maximising natural light and views will be essential. There will be opportunities to engage with the city and beyond through our rich and unique Cultural Collections.

4. Adaptable
The building will seamlessly adapt to new ways of learning and researching, to accommodate new technologies and services that will develop over the next 50 years.
5. Built to last, sustainable, complementary to heritage surroundings
The building will be designed to meet the highest sustainability building standards. Parts of the building will be open 24/7 and will offer a secure place to study and work at all times of day. The proposed site is within a Conservation Area and the building design will take account of and be sensitive to its surroundings, whilst offering a flagship building commending the value of education and research endeavour, and exciting the senses.

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