New Library project

A new university Library: Tradition with edge.

We are creating an inspirational new library on the site of the current Hawthorns building to welcome all students, staff and the wider community.  As a world class research intensive university, the library will become an enabler of knowledge exchange, innovation and ideas, and enable us to showcase our renowned Cultural Collections to the public.

The role of the new Library

A library is at the heart of a university. It is a scholarly place where we can learn and connect with each other and with new ideas. It provides our students with quiet and reflective spaces as well as facilities for social and collaborative learning.

This new centrally located landmark building will provide an important space for our students, our staff and the local community to come together to read, learn, study, share ideas and relax. Books will be front and center of the new library, but it will also provide a wide range of learning and research resources in different formats.

Reflecting our role as a global civic university, our world class Cultural Collections (Special Collections and the Theatre Collection) will be made publicly available through exhibition galleries, events and the Centre for Cultural Collections.

The new library will enhance existing library facilities and support student and staff well-being. It will be a significant resource in close proximity to the Arts and Social Sciences Faculties. Its services will be highly adaptable and respond to the needs of the students and academics throughout the academic year as well as future changes in learning, technology and media.

Campus Heart Programme

Campus Heart is the University’s development programme to transform the spaces and facilities around Tyndall Avenue. It will create opportunities for staff, students and the local community to come together to learn, study, get help and support, be sociable and relax. It is part of the way we are delivering the priorities of our students and staff by transforming the space and the relationships that happen in and around the buildings.

In June 2016, the University launched its new strategic plan ‘Our Vision: Our Strategy’. One of the principal objectives of the strategy is to create a heart for the University, focusing on providing a range of student activities and creating a real sense of destination and welcome for the entire community.
The new library is one of the core projects of Campus Heart. Others include Tyndall Avenue public realm, changes in the way Senate House and the Computer Centre are used, and new additional facilities in the indoor Sports Centre.

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