Student FAQs

If your query is not covered in the FAQ's then please contact and we will be happy to respond and add it to the list for other users.

  1. How do I book a room for a student society event?

    Student societies are welcome to request to use central spaces, should the Student Union be unable to accommodate them. All student society events should be requested via the online booking form.

    Requests will only be dealt with from the designated society contact (one per society).

    Requests will only be dealt with if they provide the minimum 2 week notice period between placing the request and the date of the booking.

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  2. How do I book a room for a non-student society event?

    Students wishing to request central spaces, unrelated to a student society, must go via their local school office. The local school office will then make the request on behalf of the student and will continue to be the liaison contact.

    We will not accept requests direct from students; undergraduate or postgraduate.

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  3. How much notice do I need to give for an event request?

    The minimum notice period between placing the request and the date of the booking is 2 weeks.

    We simply cannot process requests with less than 2 weeks notice due to several important factors:

    • portering requirements - ensuring that there is appropriate staffing to set-up, and set-down, space and to oversee the event
    • cleaning requirements - likewise, all space needs to be thoroughly cleaned (in some cases ready for teaching the following day)
    • AV requirements - specific AV needs have to be sorted ahead of the booking
    • heath and safety - we need to assess all booking requests for appropriateness
    • miscellaneous - behind the scenes efforts are often required to ensure appropriate heating etc.

    While we appreciate that societies may face circumstances whereby they cannot place the booking within the notice period societies should also appreciate that, in these instances, we, too, cannot get all of our requirements in place in time for the booking.

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  4. What costs will be incurred?

    Costs will vary depending on various different factors:

    • choice of building/location
    • date, time and duration
    • number of attendees
    • whether the event is charged on entry, or not
    • choice of AV facilities package
    • cancellation

    Costs will be outlined by the Assistant Site Services Manager prior to the event.

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  5. What is the policy on food and drink in rooms?

    Absolutely no food/hot-drinks/catering/alcohol are allowed in teaching spaces.

    Foyer space, and other non-teaching space, may permit Hawthorns catering. Catering requirements should always be discussed with

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  6. What is the policy on cancelling an event?

    If you need to cancel or change your booking you must inform as soon as possible. If you do no give sufficient warning of cancellation then you will be liaible for the extra staffing costs, regardless of whether the event takes place.

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  7. Why have we been told to go via the University Conference Office?

    Some events lend themselves to being orchestrated and overseen by the University's official Conference Office, as opposed to just getting the location/portering/equipment arranged by ourselves. For example:

    Large events (in the hundreds), which include numerous external attendees (ie. other Universities etc.) and the general public, should go via the Conference Office.

    Likewise, this is also the case for particularly logistically complex events (with various elements, catering, locations etc.).

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  8. Can we screen films?

    No. While all of the lecture theatres are equipped to show DVDs and videos, showing of films outside of structured teaching can put us in breach of copyright.

    All film screenings should go via the Student Union.

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