Academic Staff FAQs

If your query is not covered in the FAQ's then please contact and we will be happy to respond and add it to the list for other users.

  1. How do I book a room for a non-teaching event?

    All UoB staff should use the online requesting tool, Web Room Booking, to request rooms from Learning Facilities Management.

    We no longer receive room requests via email - we will always ask requestors to use the above method.

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  2. What is Web Room Booking?

    Web Room Booking is a piece of software that enables a requestor to request a location/locations for their booking electronically, via the University's Syllabus Plus software. This request goes to the room manager who will either grant or decline your request. The requestor receives electronic notification, via email, of the booking status (accepted or declined).

    Room requestors can cancel their request at any stage and track the status of their booking. A list of previous requests is retained for the requestor's benefit.

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  3. How do I book a room for teaching?

    All teaching must be entered onto the University's timetabling system, Syllabus Plus, by the local Faculty Education Officer (part of the new Timetabling Office under the Academic Registry).

    Teaching must, under no circumstances, be requested using Web Room Booking (this is for non-teaching only).

  4. How do I report an untidy room?

    Untidy rooms should be reported to You should provide information of location, date and time. We will investigate all cases.

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  5. How do I report problems with AV equipment?

    Urgent problems should be reported immediately on 0117 42 82222 (between 08:00 - 17.15)

    Non-urgent problems should be reported to  You should include information of location, date and time.

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  6. How do I report broken equipment in a room?

    Broken AV equipment should be reported immediately on 0117 42 82222 (between 08:00 - 17.15)

    All other breaks should be reported to  You should include information of location, date and time.

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  7. How do I report issues with a class / staff member in a room before, or after, me?

    If you experience any problems with classes/staff members in a room before, or after, you use it then please contact and provide us with the details of location, date, and time.

    We will endeavour to establish who was scheduled to use the room in the timeslot and, from this information, we may be able to ascertain contacts (local room requestors, or Faculty Education Officers) who can advise further necessary action.

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  8. Where do I find guides and support for AV equipment?

    You will find all the necessary guides in an information pack which should be located at the AV lectern of every lecture theatre. These often get moved around from their fixed 'pouch' on the lectern, so be aware that it could have been placed anywhere on the lectern.

    You can find the same information from our lecture theatre pdf guides.

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  9. How do I report corrections / changes to guides and support?

    Please report any corrections or amendments to guides and support documentation to

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  10. Can I be trained to use AV equipment?

    If you feel that you would benefit from getting some informal training on how to use AV equipment then please enquire with

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  11. How do I find out where a room is?

    You can find basic address, photos and entrance information from our lecture theatre pdf guides.

    Alternatively, your online personalised timetable provides a Google maps street-view of the building location (if you click the relevant 'activity' block).

    You should also make use of the University maps.

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  12. What is the policy on food and drink in rooms?

    Absolutely no food/hot-drinks/catering/alcohol are allowed in teaching spaces.

    Food and drink may be permitted in non-teaching spaces if catered by the Hawthorns. All catering arrangements should be first discussed with

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  13. How should I leave a room?

    Academics should set a good example to their students by not bringing food or drink into lecture theatres and disposing of any leaflets/papers, in the bins provided, at the end of the class.

    Blackboards and whiteboards should be wiped clean after use.

    Rooms should be vacated promptly at the end of the allotted time-slot.

    The general rule is that you should leave a room as you would wish to find it, as is courteous. University of Bristol Teaching Space Etiquette Guide

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