Introducing " You Can Ask" - Law Academic Support Officers

One-to-one support with all your academic queries big or small

  • I’m in the Third year now and I think I should know, so I don’t feel I can ask
  • I’m in the second year now and I think I should know so I don’t feel I can ask
  • I’m in the first year and everyone else seems to know so I don’t feel I should ask
  • You can always ask your subject or personal tutors. But we have listened to your feedback and we understand that sometimes you just need a different forum to raise those little niggling worries. So each week dedicated friendly academic support advisors are available on a drop-in basis. The dates and times will vary from week to week so no one misses out on the opportunity to access this support.

The sorts of questions you might raise:

  • What does IRAC really mean? I seem to keep on getting it wrong
  • How should I go about reading an article – It seems like it should be straight forward – but other people take different notes
  • I worry that there is something about reading cases that everyone else already gets and that I don’t really understand
  • I still don’t get how to reference properl
  • Can you go over what they mean by analytic rather than descriptive
  • I am really worried about inadvertently plagiarising something

There will also be some workshops on specific skills so do keep an eye on the media screen and this page.

Your Law Academic Support Officers will be: Tiffany Wang, Basil Salmon and Alex Khoury.

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