Project Advisory Group

The Advisory Group

As part of the project we have established an Advisory Group of respected and experienced individuals drawn from across a range of sectors, including government, civil society, international bodies and academics.

The role of this Advisory Group is to:

Members of the group

Christine Chinkin -Professor of International Law, London School of Economics

Colin Harvey - Professor of Human Rights Law, Queen’s University, Belfast

Claudine Haenni-Dale - Human Rights Consultant

Renate Kicker - Professor of Law, University of Graz, Austria

Ben Kioko - Legal Counsel , African Union Commission

Eric Prokosch - Human Rights Consultant

Purna Sen - Head of Human Rights, Commonwealth Secretariat

Philip Tahmindjis - Acting Director, Human Rights Institute, International Bar Association

Morris Tidball-Binz - Forensic Coordinator, ICRC

Carsten Weber - Chief of the Rule of Law Unit, ODIHR Democratization Department

Links to Documents

Report of the first meeting (PDF, 43kB)

Discussion paper (PDF, 44kB)