HRIC PhD researchers

  • Miss Christina Antonoudiou

    PhD Law
    Christina's project deals with the relationship between employment security (right to work) and social security system (right to social security) exposed by the European financial crisis. This project examines this relationship at international (International Labour Organization), European (EU and Council of Europe - European Committee of Social Rights and European Court of Human Rights) and domestic level (Cyprus).

  • Mr Ben Hudson

    PhD Law, ESRC Scholarship
    Ben's doctoral research concerns the human rights protection of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in international law. Specifically, Ben's research engages with the 1998 United Nations Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement and their role in the development of an "IDP right to return".

  • Ms Maria Orchard

    PhD Law
    Maria's research topic is a multi-jurisdiction (England and the United States) exploration of the lived experiences of disabled women with the criminal justice system as survivors of domestic violence.

  • Miss Rachel Pougnet

    PhD Law
    Rachel’s Phd looks at the interplay between citizenship and national security in two different institutional contexts and legal traditions: France and the UK. Her project seeks to explain the similar recourse to citizenship as a counter-terror measure, through cancellation of citizenship, in the context of the perpetrations of terrorists’ attacks by home grown terrorists. She is particularly interested in the human rights implications of cancellation of citizenship for individuals.

  • Miss Caroline Roberts

    PhD Law
    Caroline's PhD research is related to human rights. Her particular research interest is Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights which protects the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

  • Miss Jassi Sandhar

    PhD Law
    Jassi K Sandhar is an AHRC funded PhD candidate in International Human Rights Law, where she is exploring girl child soldiers in conflict (focusing on the Sri Lankan and Ugandan wars). Her areas of interest are gender and war, feminist legal theory, critical race theory, children in armed conflict, and self-determination and civil resistance struggles.

  • Ms Alice Venn

    PhD Sustainable Futures
    Alice's PhD is examining international legal avenues to climate change recovery and the protection of climate-vulnerable communities. It has a strong focus on human rights law as one of the potential avenues available to both climate-vulnerable states and communities. She will be examining the potential of UN human rights treaty mechanisms and regional human rights regimes in providing recourse to climate justice.