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  • Citizens Advice in GP Surgeries (PDF, 1,032kB) Alison Kite, August 2016. This report describes the findings of a PhD research project which looked at the provision of outreach Citizens Advice services in GP surgeries. The research explored how such services contribute towards the accessibility of advice and the empowerment of advice clients. 


  • ‘Unpaid Britain: Access to Justice in the Employment Tribunal.’ Nicole Busby and Eleanor Kirk. Presented at The Unpaid Britain project report launch, London, 2017.
  • ‘Migrant Workers & Employment Disputes: problems at work, precarity and the (non)pursuit of resolution.’ Eleanor Kirk. Presented at BUIRA, , De Montfort University, 2017. 
  • ‘Led up the tribunal path? Employment disputes, legal consciousness and trust in the protection of law.’ Eleanor Kirk and Nicole Busby. Presented at ‘British Academy Seminar: From Collective Legal Consciousness to the Legal Consciousness of Collective Dissent,’ Oxford, 2017.
  • ‘The ‘problem’ with the Employment Tribunal System: Reforms, Rhetoric and Realities for Clients of Citizens’ Advice Bureaux.’ Eleanor Kirk. Presented at the Socio-Legal Studies Association conference, University of Lancaster, 2016.
  • ‘Austerity and the Vilification of Tribunal Claimants: Challenging the Myths.’ Eleanor Kirk. Presented at the British Universities Industrial Relations Association, University of Leicester, 2015.
  • Putting an Idea into Practice: Journeys into Intimacy (PDF, 1,008kB) Adam Sales and Morag McDermont. Presented at the Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference, Aberdeen, 2014.
  • Justice in Employment Disputes? (PDF, 795kB) Early Results from a Study of the Role of Citizens Advice, Adam Sales and Morag McDermont. Presented at the International Conference on Access to Justice and legal Services, London, 2014.
  • The Citizens Advice Experience of Employment Tribunal Fees (PDF, 379kB) Lauren Wood and Emily Rose. Presented at the workshop Employment Tribunal Fees: Evidencing the Impact, Glasgow 2014.
  • Employment Disputes: Surveying the Terrain (PDF, 443kB)  Nicole Busby, and The Future of Employment Dispute Resolution (PDF, 406kB) Morag McDermont. Presented at the IER Access to Justice: Employment Tribunals at a Crossroads Conference, Liverpool and London, 2014. Click here  for further details. 
  • Securing Employment Rights in an Age of Austerity (PDF, 629kB) Morag McDermont and Nicole Busby. Presented at the ESRC Seminar Series 2011-2013 Access to Justice in an Age of Austerity, London, 2012.


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