Law School Research Seminar Series: 'The Political Economy of Competition Regulation in the Global South’

5 December 2019, 1.00 PM - 5 December 2019, 2.00 PM

Damian Chalmers

1.12, 8-10 Berkeley Square, BS8 1HH

On Thursday 5th December 2019 Damian Chalmers, Professor at National University of Singapore will be presenting a talk 'The Political Economy of Competition Regulation in the Global South’ as part of the University of Bristol Law School Research Seminar Series.

The aim of the Law School Research Seminar Series is to foster the research culture within the Law School and to enhance the research networks between the Law School and external speakers/institutions. The talks aspire to address current big questions in the field of law.

Regulatory capitalism is subjecting increasing areas of activity to government by specialised independent regulatory agencies who, relying on expertise and an array of techniques, work towards realising clearly defined public goods in the medium-term. It is the central institutional innovation of our age and synonymous with globalisation. If it is a good starting point for enquiry into the current wave of populism/nativism and its discontents, it happened overwhelmingly in the Global South. Competition regulation is the banner child of regulatory capitalism. In the last thirty years, it has transformed from being a faltering field to application across the globe according to similar templates and under significant international oversight. However, the performance and authority of competition authorities vary considerably. This essay seeks to consider ithese implications. It argues that a particular praxis and a particular political economy mark competition regulation. 

All Law School staff and doctoral students are welcome. This is a great opportunity to learn more about other scholars on-going research and potentially foster the creation of collaborative projects in the future.

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For more information, please contact the Law School Research Administrator t: 0117 39 40042 e: Suzanne Mills.

Damian Chalmers

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