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Margaret Beirne

Maggie Beirne worked at the International Secretariat of Amnesty International from 1971, variously in research, membership, and campaigning positions, and was a member of the senior management team and their Head of Campaign and Membership Department when she left for a career break and further study in 1989. Her 17 years with Amnesty gave her extensive opportunities to travel to meet and work with Amnesty members throughout the world.

After a period of studying, free-lance consultancy work and voluntary activities, Maggie took up full time work in 1995 with the human rights NGO, the Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ), in Belfast (Northern Ireland). She served as Research & Policy Officer, and subsequently as CAJ Director, in the period which saw the transition from violent conflict to peace negotiations and a peace process. CAJ's efforts to put human rights and equality at the heart of the peace initiatives was recognised by the awarding of the Council of Europe Human Rights Prize in 1998.

Maggie left the organisation's employ in February 2008 to return to London where she is working as a free lance consultant on human rights and equality issues.