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Everything you need to know to get to work and get around Bristol.


Bristol is not known for easy parking! Most of the on-street parking throughout the central area is restricted to resident’s parking zones, making it difficult for those who work in and around the city centre. Most car parks are on the pricey side so if you don’t live a walkable distance from the university, it is sensible to ensure you have a good public transport route. 

There is a Staff Parking system and all staff have the opportunity to apply for a permit, but applications far outweigh permits and a permit does not guarantee you easy parking.

Public Transport

Buses - Most of Bristol is served by First Buses. Their website has an easy to use journey planner and timetables.

Taxis - Bristol has both Hackney carriage vehicles which can be flagged down in the street and picked up at taxi ranks, and private hire vehicles which have to be pre-booked. Follow this link for further information and taxi safety tips.

Bristol is also serviced by Uber.

Further information - Extensive information on public transport in Bristol can be found on the University’s Travel and Transport pages.


Bristol is the UK’s first Cycling City, acknowledging its status as one of Europe’s most bike-friendly cities, despite being quite hilly! It has cycle routes on most of its major roads and plenty of places to lock up your bike.

You will also notice yellow ‘YoBikes’ parked around the city which can be picked up anywhere and hired for as little as £1 via the app.

Importing your own vehicle

If you are bringing your vehicle to the UK you will need to take certain steps immediately. You must also insure your vehicle before you drive it.

You can only follow the rules for temporary imports if you don’t normally live in the UK and you are bringing a vehicle in for less than 6 months.

Driver's Licence

To legally drive in the UK you may have to exchange your licence for a UK driver’s licence, or take a test to obtain a Great Britain issued licence. The rules for what you need to do depend on where you passed your driving test. Follow this link to find out what you need to do for your personal circumstances. You can normally drive on a foreign driver’s licence for 12 months, but it is essential that you check this.

Child car seats

The laws on child car seats can be found at:

Taxi companies that will provide a car seat if requested when booking and if available: