Rachel, a researcher

close up of researcher

Rachel has completed her e-paper ready for submission for review by her partners within a multi-discipline, international research group. The group share a common Virtual Research Environment (VRE) so Rachel’s draft “paper” will be published in a secure environment.

Rachel’s research has been conducted entirely without reference to printed research. Her paper’s citations are not only to other research papers (including some suggested when she ran a plagiarism check) but also to the many data sources she has referenced from other works. Rachel is also able to check how many other researchers referenced the same data.

Her e-paper includes links to recordings of Access Grid meeting sessions where important decisions were made. Grid technology also allows storage and reference to the full sequence of all the computer simulations that Rachel ran in producing her findings. As the varying simulations required changes to software programs the various versions of the programs are also stored. All these details are secure within the VRE.

The computing power available to Rachel was such that her research could be completed very rapidly by frequent “trial and error” experiments rather than more pain-staking lab or field experiments.

Rachel saves her e-paper to the VRE. A range of default metadata tags are also saved – some of these are personal to Rachel, some are required by Bristol policies, some by the policies of her team, some for the various disciplines involved in the project – there is little that Rachel needs to add or amend.