Jane, a student

close up of student

Jane is enjoying her second year studying History of Art. The alarm on her mobile wakes her up. Jane views her daily calendar and 'to do' items on her phone. Today is a busy day and she's got an essay deadline. Over breakfast in her flat Jane reads her email while watching yesterday's episode of Neighbours in the corner of her laptop screen.

Walking in to the precinct, Jane listens to a podcast of a lecture on mediaeval Christian iconography from a course she attended last term. There are a few things she wants to check which would be relevant to her essay. Using the chapter marks she can easily skip straight to the most relevant material.

On her way in Jane receives a text. Her first lecture has been switched to a different lecture theatre, so she goes straight there. Bob is enthusiastic and on good form this morning. A copy of his lecture materials is sent to Jane's laptop and she takes notes by using her laptop to annotate the art works he references with her own comments.

After the lecture Jane gets together with Sian and Ruza to work on a group assignment. Their assignment is to produce a report on Art of the Alhambra, and they want their report to include images and video material. They've booked a small group room with PC and video editing software for the rest of the morning. They check the University's electronic resources online, and find some relevant material from the BBC and the British Library available for fair use with which they illustrate their report.

Jane needs to decide soon what option to choose for her final year dissertation. Over lunch outdoors in Royal Fort Gardens, Jane chats to her friends and they discuss their options. Jane logs on with her laptop and reviews some of the dissertations last year's students completed, and the feedback given to the project supervisors. Jane still doesn't know what to do, so using the calendar system she spots that her personal tutor has a slot for student enquiries at 4 that afternoon, so she books a 20 minute slot to get some more information. Jane suggests they meet in his office, but her tutor is also available by phone or instant messaging.

After lunch Jane visits the library to get to work on her essay. She likes working there as it is a quiet space and it has both the printed books and electronic resources she needs. Jane logs on to the student portal and retrieves the current draft of her essay. After a couple of hours work, taking a few breaks chatting on MSN messenger, Jane uploads her finished essay for assessment and stores it in her personal e-portfolio.

Jane has a quick chat with her personal tutor and he gives her some useful advice on her final year choice. All that is left to do is decide what to do that night. She's been invited to both Chris and Jo's birthday parties, so she logs on to Facebook to see what Sian and Ruza are up to. She decides to go to Chris' do and sends a quick Happy Birthday message to Jo from her phone, before heading home to change.

(Updated: 29 May 2007)