Anne, Senior Manager

image of staff member

A Radio 4 interview with a prominent MP prompts Anne to search for Bristol alumni who may be part of the MP’s network. Anne finds what she wants using a web-based social networking application that gives a graphical display of “who knows who” links from the MP back to two Bristol alumni.  The source data for the search is a dynamic mixture of data from Bristol’s Alumni database plus that gathered from a regular harvest of world-wide web sites.

Anne then finishes her next article for the University's online news tool. As far as she is concerned she has written and saved the article in Word. However her actions have initiated a workflow that is picked-up by the Public Relations Office who proof-read and authorise article publication via the University web site.

The University advertised on hoardings at a major international sporting event (Beijing Olympics, London Olympics?). Anne reviews the success of the campaign via statistics displaying the timing, numbers, source, etc of those who visited the advertised web address.