ResNet regulations for the use of wireless network equipment

IT Services has recently updated the policy regarding wireless networks. This means that you may be able use a WiFi router with your ResNet connection. If you want to do this, you should read all of this page and make sure you understand it first.

A brief summary with explanatory notes:

  • You cannot use your own wireless system if you live in a residence that has eduroam Wireless.
    »  If you used wireless in a residence with eduroam Wireless, it would interfere with the service and will disrupt Wireless access for other users, so this is not permitted.
  • You can only use a Wireless Router in your room, connected to your ResNet Wired connection. You are not allowed to use wireless to share your ResNet with anyone else.
    »  This is because you are responsible for all use (and misuse) of your ResNet connection.
  • You must configure the wireless to be secure. Use WPA2. Do not use WEP. Do not tell anyone else the password.
    »  Your wireless must be secure to stop people using it without your permission. This is especially important because if someone using your wireless does something malicious, you are responsible.
  • You must turn off / disable or reconfigure your wireless device if asked to do so by IT Services. Your wireless equipment must not interfere with any University services.
    »   IT Services will usually only ask you to change or disable your wireless if it is interfering with other services or being used for malicious purposes. We will always try to explain why if we ask you to do this.
  • You are responsible for all use and any abuse of your wireless in all situations. This includes if your wireless is 'hacked' or used by someone else without your permission.
    »  For example, if the University was forced to disclose who owned the ResNet connection to the police, it would be your responsibility to explain any misuse that had occurred.

The full rules

These rules only apply to users in University accommodation. For other scenarios, please refer to the University policy on wireless LAN equipment.

  1. The wireless equipment must be operated in accordance with UK Law and all applicable policies and regulations of the University.
  2. The equipment must only be operated at the resident's accommodation.
  3. The equipment must be disabled / removed / reconfigured upon request of IT Services for any reason whatsoever.
  4. The equipment must not interfere with any University services. This includes wired and wireless networks and other non-network services.
  5. The equipment must only be connected to a University network connection that has been specifically designated for the use of the equipment operator, for example the operator's ResNet connection.
  6. Any wireless network access offered by the equipment must have secure authorisation and secure encryption enforced. Keys and credentials used must be significantly random as to not be easily guessable.
  7. Any services provided by the equipment are for the sole use of the equipment operator. The operator must not disclose their network access keys or other credentials to any one else. The operator is responsible for all usage / abuse of any services offered by the equipment in all situations.