Additional regulations for the use of ResNet facilities

1. Regulations

1.1 Rights in software.

ResNet users may be permitted to use software specifically licensed to the University; users must remove such software from their computers when they leave the University or are instructed to do so.

1.2 Use of University Resources.

Users must not operate a service that redistributes ResNet access or any other University resource to others.

1.3 Identification.

No device attached to the University of Bristol ResNet network may be configured with any addresses other than those issued to it or authorised for it.

1.4 Equipment connected to ResNet data networks.

Each user may connect a single computer to the ResNet data network point in his or her room. Connection of any other device will usually cause the point to become inoperative. The following uses of a computer connected to the ResNet data networks are contraventions of these regulations:

  • provision of access to the ResNet data networks by any person other than the one registered as the user of this connection;
  • use as a server, unless registered with and authorised by the ResNet Manager;

computers registered as servers must comply with all ResNet server regulations as available on the ResNet website. If the user is in any doubt as to whether his or her computer should be categorised as a server the user must consult the ResNet Manager.

1.5 Generation of excessive data network traffic.

The ResNet network is a shared resource and must be used responsibly. Excessive consumption of this shared resource by a minority of users can reduce network performance to the detriment of other users. Any user who persists in generating excessive data network traffic after having been requested not to do so by the ResNet Manager is in contravention of these regulations. Action may be taken in these cases such as limiting the connection speed of such users, restricting the facilities accessible to them, or suspending their connection.

1.6 Computer Misuse.

It is a breach of these regulations, and it may also be a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990, to:

  • attempt to damage or disrupt the hardware, software or data of computer systems.
  • attempt to crash another computer, deny access to a service or disrupt a service in any other way.
  • attempt to gain unauthorised access to any computer system. Unauthorised access includes, but is not limited to:
  • gain access to password protected drives or directories without the owners expressed permission
  • use password cracking programs, or attempt to gather passwords by intercepting traffic or other means,
  • gain access or attempt to gain access to another computer without the owners permission.
  • port scan any system without the owners expressed permission.
  • distribute or attempt to install back-door trojan horse programs on computer systems

Any reports received by the ResNet Manager that computer misuse has occurred will result in the ResNet connection being disabled and the matter dealt with by University disciplinary procedures or reported to the police where appropriate.

1.7 Computer Security.

Users are responsible for the security and integrity of their system and must ensure that their computer and ResNet connection are secure and not open to misuse by others. Users must follow advice from ResNet to install, reconfigure or upgrade software where necessary to ensure security. In cases where a user's system has been breached it is recommended that the system is removed from the network in order to prevent the attack from spreading. If the system owner cannot be contacted in reasonable time, IT Services reserve the right to disable their network connection. Only when the system owner has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the computer is not compromised, will network privileges be restored.

2. Penalties

2.1 Withdrawal of facilities.

If a user is in breach of any of these regulations, the ResNet Manager may withdraw or restrict access to ResNet facilities. In this case no refund of any fees paid for the ResNet service will be made.

2.2 Disciplinary action.

Any breach of University regulations may be reported to the Vice-Chancellor to be dealt with under the University's disciplinary procedures. The ResNet Manager may request that a user be charged for extra work that has arisen as the result of computer misuse.