Advice for staff on using OneDrive for Business


[24 September 2018]

All staff can use OneDrive for Business as their main personal filestore. OneDrive for Business is best for those who frequently work offsite and who use Office applications (Word, PowerPoint and Excel). OneDrive is available online anytime / anywhere and is the default option to save and store Office documents. Microsoft OneDrive for Business allows staff to upload and store files and access them from anywhere.

By January 2020 all University managed Windows PCs will be upgraded to Windows 10 and Microsoft OneDrive for Business will replace MyFiles and Google Drive as your default personal file storage.

You are provided with up to 5TB storage, but there is a 15GB limit on individual file size. The storage should be used for your own admin and work related data that doesn't need to be shared amongst others. It is also available for transient research data. This is an alternative storage solution to the MyFiles service. You can sign into your OneDrive account to enable saving in Office applications; this allows you to edit and view and share documentation across your devices.

More information on Microsoft OneDrive (Sign-in using your username in the format