OneDrive to replace MyFiles service for undergraduates and postgraduate taught students


[26 July 2018]

Over the summer, computers in teaching spaces, study spaces and libraries will be upgraded to Windows 10. As part of this change, the Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos folders on these computers will be set to save to Microsoft OneDrive rather than MyFiles.

To ensure returning undergraduate and taught postgraduates maintain seamless access to any files stored in MyFiles, we will copy all content over to their OneDrive account during the summer, in preparation for the start of term.

During the migration of files, undergraduate and taught postgraduate students can continue to work or change files in MyFiles  - changes will be synced to One Drive automatically. Those already using OneDrive will see files appearing as they are copied over, but you can continue to use OneDrive.

OneDrive to replace MyFiles

With the move of University computers to point to OneDrive and the ability to access OneDrive from offsite over the internet, it is planned that the MyFiles service for undergraduate and postgraduate taught students will be replaced by OneDrive from Thursday 13th September 2018. Students will use OneDrive as their default file storage.  Students may continue to use Google Drive until the service closes in 2020. 

All undergraduate and postgraduate taught students will receive an email informing them that the migration process is complete, and that their MyFiles services is scheduled to close.


  • We'll begin migrating all existing files in undergraduate and postgraduate taught student MyFiles \ O: drive to OneDrive starting in July 2018.  

This process synchronises all the content held in MyFiles, along with anything new created, to OneDrive. 

When the process is complete, it will mean that you will be able to find your files in the My Documents, Pictures folders that you see on University open access Windows 10 computers.  OneDrive is also accessible via Microsoft 365,, via the University portal MyBristol or by using the Microsoft OneDrive app on mobile devices.

  • MyFiles accounts for undergraduates students and postgraduate taught students will be replaced by OneDrive from Thursday 13th September 2018.  All MyFiles content will have been migrated to OneDrive. Individuals will be emailed as it happens.

Please note

  • Once a file has been migrated from MyFiles, changes to the file in OneDrive will not be overwritten by the original in MyFiles.
  • Any migrated files deleted in OneDrive will be added back until the synchronisation stops and you are informed your MyFiles account will become unavailable.
  • Migrated files that you delete in MyFiles won't be automatically removed from OneDrive, so we'd recommend not changing your content and waiting to edit your structure in OneDrive once synchronisation is complete.

Benefits of OneDrive

The OneDrive service provides significant storage capacity that's available from both University computers and on your personal device via the web or via a mobile app.  OneDrive makes it easy to share and work collaboratively on documents.

OneDrive is available to all students as part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools. Further information about Microsoft OneDrive


If you have any concerns or questions regarding this work, please contact the IT Services Desk,