Advice regarding recent Meltdown and Spectre processor vulnerabilities


[09 January 2018]

As you may have seen in various news reports, two issues were recently announced in common computer processors referred to as ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre.’ Nearly all computers, phones and tablets purchased in the last 10 years are affected by this. Vendors are releasing updates to all major operating systems and software to reduce the impact of this.

This shows the importance of keeping devices up to date. New threats and vulnerabilities are being uncovered all the time and having an up-to-date device is one of the best defences against attackers that may wish to exploit them.

Advice for colleagues using University Managed Devices

IT Services are in the process of updating all our computer systems and we hope that this will cause minimal disruption. Colleagues using University managed devices will be receiving prompts to restarts their devices to install the updates. This should be done at your earliest convenience.

Advice for colleagues using personal devices

Your personal devices will also be receiving updates directly from the suppliers. You should install these at your earliest convenience. Using supported and up-to-date operating systems and web browsers is crucial to protect you against this and other computer security issues.

Further advice on Meltdown and Spectre from the National Cyber Security Centre can be found here: