Upgrade to the network link for the Bristol Veterinary School at Langford

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[04 February 2018]

Over the weekend of 20th January, the Netcomms team completed a long-running major upgrade to the network at Langford.  The upgrade was the final step in a series of activity over the past year.  

The principal benefits are new network links between the campus and the Bristol Veterinary School and other services located at Langford, providing greater capacity and resilience.  This means that Langford is now connected at the same speed as most other major University buildings.   The provision of a pair of links, which take different routes between the precinct and Langford, means that risk of network outages is drastically reduced.

We have also moved the core networking equipment for the Langford site into a new purpose-built room. This is a much-improved environment for the equipment and comprises better cooling, improved power supplies, and improved security.  We have also been incrementally upgrading fibre links from other Langford buildings back to this new central core network room.