Staff and PGR calendars to be set to 'Open by default' from 5th February 2018


[01 January 2018]

From 5th February 2018 the information that staff and post graduate researchers will be able to see in each other's calendars will increase to include attendee lists, notes and attachments. With this change we will return to the same visibility policy we had with Google. 

Actions to make past meetings private prior to the change on 5th February

Since the move to Outlook you may have added notes and attachments to calendar entries on the basis that they would not be visible to others. In recognition of this calendar entries prior to 5th February will be set to private, with the exception of recurring events. This work will begin from 22nd December.

Action you may need to take

  • If you have recurring events that should be private you will need to mark the series as private yourself.
  • If you have private or sensitive events occurring after 5th February, you will need to mark them individually as private.

Further Information

Please note that taught students will have no visibility of staff calendars other than where a specific ‘appointment slots’ feature is used.

Further updates including guidance on including information in calendar entries will be provided in the New Year.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact .