Personalised timetables, SAFE and DataHub access will be unavailable between midday and 4pm 7th November

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[03 October 2018]

07/11/2018 16:30 UPDATE: Please be aware that this maintenance work has overrun due to a problem encountered. Please follow the status page item for updates.

Please note: This work was originally scheduled for 3rd October, it was postponed until after the change freeze whilst IT Services focused on systems supporting Welcome Week, registration and start of term.

As part of essential server patching the following services will be unavailable between midday and 4pm on Wednesday 7 November.

During that time the following services will be affected:

  • Personalised timetables for staff and students
  • Contact Directory
  • Directory of Experts
  • People Profiler
  • Computer Science website
  • SAFE
  • ORCA
  • UBAD
  • FAR (First Attendance Recording)
  • MyStudents  (Limited access to List and images functionality)
  • Datahaven / DiversP reports or services reliant on DataHub access during this period
  • Web Finance Reporting (Proactis commitment data unavailable)
  • Data Warehouse
  • Delegate mailbox administration

We are aware that many departments have access to the DataHub and use the information to perform a number of tasks. It is therefore possible that where DataHub data is used to run a service that this may be unavailable during this work.

 IT Services apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please contact the IT Service Desk if you need further information.