Ensure your eduroam settings are correct to enable printing from your laptop

Print Release

[12 October 2017]

You can print documents from your personal laptop, using Print Release.

However, for printing to work you must connect to the University wireless service eduroam with your username in the format ab12345@bristol.ac.uk.

We are aware that many students have provided their username in the format of their Google email address, ab12345@my.bristol.ac.uk, and while this might give you an internet signal, it won’t enable you to print.

Windows 10 laptops use your eduroam settings when connecting to the printing system, so need the correctly formatted username. Using the username in the format ab12345@bristol.ac.uk when connecting to eduroam will ensure that you can use eduroam and Print Release within the University.  In addition, correctly adding your username in the format ab12345@bristol.ac.uk allows you to use eduroam at other universities, NHS hospital trusts, Bristol City Council buildings and other locations.

You should follow the instructions below to remove incorrect settings, reconnect to eduroam and then set up Print Release.

If you need further help then you can speak to the IT Service Desk or visit the Student Laptop and Mobile Clinic.