Change to the naming of the visitor wireless service


[21 March 2017]

We continue to see a large number of devices connecting to the visitor wireless service The Cloud (see previous news item).

We know that the current name for the service includes an underscore at the beginning of the name -  _The Cloud.  This means that it has a tendency to jump to the top of the preferred wireless networks to connect.

We believe that staff and students are therefore using this service without realising it in many cases. Staff and students while on campus should be using the eduroam wireless service, this is a far superior wireless service and allows access to such things as printing from devices.

Planned change

On 22 March we are changing the name of The Cloud wireless service as it appears on devices to remove the underscore. This will mean that it will less likely to connect by default if eduroam has been set up.

Staff and students should be connected to eduroam.  Instructions can be found at:

Students can also get help from the laptop & mobile clinic and staff should contact the IT Service Desk.