Annual Test Day - Generator Test in the Computer Centre on 15th December

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[22 November 2017]

Over the last few years, we have been working to improve the availability and continuity of our systems, to deliver resilience and “Gold” levels of service.

As part of this on-going work, it is necessary to occasionally test that our new systems behave as we would expect and can continue to operate normally, even when things go wrong.   

We have agreed on a regular date, around the 15th December, to test that our resilient services are working well so that we have confidence in their ability to support us during the rest of the year.   No disruption should occur from the tests that we carry out, but it is important that we test and find things that could go wrong in a controlled way, rather than experience unplanned failures on key dates.

Computer Centre generator test
 on 15th December 2017

This will be a full & thorough test of the generator. The Data Centre will run for a period exclusively on power supplied by the generator.

This is essential for us to have confidence that the equipment performs as required and would protect the Data Centre in the event of an unplanned power outage.

Additionally, we will soon be entering a Sustainability-led initiative to use our generator to reduce our on-grid power consumption at peak times. This will avoid excessive power charges at points when the power consumption on the grid is at its highest. During these times the Data Centre will be 'dual-fed' from both the grid and the generator.

This test will be beneficial in providing additional confidence in the generator.

 The last full generator test was conducted in September 2014 and was completed successfully without incident.

If you have any concerns about this work, please contact the IT Service Desk.