IT survey shows increased student satisfaction


[24 April 2017]

Student satisfaction with IT at the University has increased significantly over the last two years, according to results from the 2016 Student IT Survey:
  • 81% of undergraduates rated IT positively
  • 26% increase in research postgraduate student satisfaction since 2014

The survey asked students about their overall satisfaction with IT at Bristol, their device ownership and usage, and ratings for individual services and how important they are. 

Results show that taught and research students are very happy with services. Top rated services include:

  1. Gmail
  2. Data storage
  3. MyBristol
  4. Online Library resources
  5. Open access computers

The survey also highlighted areas for improvement, with the  Remote Desktop service rated lowest, with only 75% student satisfaction.

Eduroam, and the ease of access to services from anywhere and on any device were commonly cited as the best features of IT at the University. IT Services staff also received strong praise for being approachable, responsive, efficient and knowledgeable. The IT Service Desk and Student Laptop and Mobile Clinic were highlighted for their excellent service.

We also asked students what they would change about IT at the University and responses raised a need for more computers on campus and easier access to course specific software.

The improved satisfaction scores reflect continuing developments to improve IT services and facilities for students. Most recently we have seen:

  • 116 new open access computers for student use in Beacon House, Senate House Study Centre, Grace Reeves Study Centre, the Arts and Social Sciences Library, and the Richmond Building.
  • Find a Computer app (showing live availability of open access computers).
  • Find a Study Desk app (enabling students to check which libraries and study centres are busy, before arriving at them).
  • More multifunction printers (copier & scanners) installed in halls of residence.
  • Print Release more widely available.
  • 24/7 phone support via the IT Service Desk.

IT Services is committed to improving services; plans are in development to enhance access to specialist software, improve the Remote Desktop service and increase numbers of open access computers further.

Full results from the survey can be found in the report.