Message regarding recent issues with MyFiles and Print Release

Maintenance badge

[01 June 2017]

Recently we have seen a number of incidents with two of our core services - the Print Release system and the MyFiles service.

I am well aware of the frustrations caused by problems with these services and want to reassure you that these are top priorities for us.  I also want to apologise to all those affected by the loss or poor performance of these services.

The issues affecting these two services are unrelated but have impacted staff and students around similar times in the recent past.

We are working hard to improve the stability of both services and we would ask for your patience while we implement a number of changes.

These changes include working with our suppliers, Canon, over the summer to redesign the print release system to reduce the danger of service failure.

We are also adding in new, more powerful, infrastructure to the MyFiles service to ensure that it is better able to cope in the event of failover when the infrastructure is having to deal with increased workload.

Longer term we will be moving away from locally provided storage for individual users to a more resilient cloud-based service in Microsoft OneDrive as part of the Digital Workspace Programme.

Many thanks for your understanding and patience.


Graeme Cappi

Head of Platforms, IT Services