Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016 this Easter


[15 February 2017]

During the 2017 Easter vacation, Microsoft Office will be upgraded to the latest version, Office 2016, on staff and postgraduate Windows PCs.

Office 2016 for Apple computers will be made available at the same time via the University’s Mac Software Centre.

PCs in lecture theatres, study spaces, and teaching spaces will be upgraded at the start of the summer vacation.

The upgrade is the first product of the Digital Workspace Programme. It sets the stage for a series of improvements to communication and collaboration tools at the University.

Office 2016 offers new options for sharing and collaborating on documents but otherwise it is very similar to the current version, Office 2013, and staff / students should not face any difficulties.

To rule out any issues, we are running a full testing programme, and we invite any interested staff or students who use a University managed Windows computer to become 'early adopters' to help identify any problems.  Early adopters will have both the old and new versions of Office, and can fall back on Office 2013 if something doesn’t work in Office 2016. Anyone who would like to help just needs to email their computer’s IT Services tag number to: digital-workspace-feedback@bristol.ac.uk

Please email digital-workspace-feedback@bristol.ac.uk if you have any questions or concerns rerading this change.