Advice regarding Apple iPad, iPhone and Mac operating system updates


[21 September 2017]

Apple have released a significant upgrade to their mobile operating system, iOS, and will soon release an upgrade to the Mac operating system, macOS.

Experience, indicates that with any initial release of a significant upgrade there will be a number of issues.  These normally relate to integration with thrid party applications and services. We saw a number of issues with macOS Sierra.

While we would normally encourage prompt updating of operating systems, we would suggest an element of caution with these major upgrades.  We would therefore suggest that you wait a few days following release to ensure no issues exist that could impact your ability to use a device. Significant issues will be reported on the IT status page:

Known issues with Apple Mail app in iOS 11

Due to an incompatibility in the new release of iOS, users of t​​he built-in Apple Mail app in iOS 11 may be unable to sync their Office 365 mailbox or login to their accounts. iOS 10 users are not affected.

Microsoft and Apple are working to resolve this issue. In the meantime, we recommend you download the free Outlook for iOS client, available in the App Store. Alternatively, you can avoid updating to iOS 11 until the issue has been fixed.