Correctly dispose of paper or devices that might hold personal or confidential information


[22 November 2017]

The University recently experienced a stark reminder of the importance of correctly disposing of confidential and sensitive information.   

A member of the public spotted someone putting laptops and paper records into a skip.  The items were recovered and were found to reference a member of the University.  As a result, one of our colleagues was reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office for not disposing of sensitive information correctly.

A thorough investigation found that the items were not the property of the University and the person was not at fault. If this had been University information not only would the privacy of the data subjects been put at risk, it could also have resulted in serious financial and reputational damage to the institution.

If you have an IT asset that needs disposing of, contact your Zonal IT team to arrange disposal. Sensitive paper records must be disposed of in the grey ‘Shred-it’ bins provided by the University.  

More information can be found here: 

Remember, the security of our information is everyone’s responsibility, and we need you all to do your part.

Almost 75% of staff have now completed the mandatory Information Security training available in MyReview. If you have not done so already, take this training as soon as possible.