IT Help Desk moving to the Arts and Social Sciences Library

Service Desk

[31 January 2017]

The IT Help Desk, currently located in the foyer of the Computer Centre at 5 Tyndall Avenue, will be moving to the Arts and Social Sciences Library from 13th March 2017.

The IT Help Desk will be conveniently located on the ground floor of the Library just beyond the library service counter.  The move has been due to plans for IT Services to leave 5 Tyndall Avenue as part of wider programme of activity around the development of the Tyndall Place project.

We hope that the new location will be an improvement on the current location, offering support in one of the largest and most popular study spaces on campus.

The IT Help Desk counter will be open 9am to 5pm weekdays with a 24/7 helpline available outside those times. 

Contact details available at: