Removal of Quicktime media player on Windows computers

downloading screen

[20 April 2016]

Quicktime for Microsoft Windows is no longer supported by Apple. This includes the Quicktime media player and Quicktime plug in for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. As Quicktime is no longer supported, it will not be updated to protect it from security vulnerabilities. This leaves the application, and computers using it, vulnerable to malicious attacks and malware that could compromise University information and services.

As a result, IT Services will remove Quicktime from all University managed Microsoft Windows PC’s on Thursday 28th April.

Please do contact the IT Service Desk - 0117 92 87870, before Tuesday 26th April, if you use a website for work where videos cannot be viewed in Chrome or use a video type as part of teaching/research which is dependant on Quicktime.

Our records indicate that use of Quicktime is very low across the University. In most cases it will simply be a case of using an alternative media player (for example VLC - available from the Software Center) or using the Google Chrome browser to access content. However, we want to ensure that if staff are using it as part of their teaching or research we are informed and can assist.