Warning: malicious email with link to fake UoB Single Sign On site - 10th May


[11 May 2016]

On Tuesday,10th May, a large number of staff and students at the University received a malicious email which directed them to a website designed to steal passwords. The website replicated our UoB Single Sign-on page, with the aim to steal usernames and passwords.

The fake site was blocked as soon as IT Services became aware, but there would have been a short period of time during when staff or students may have entered their details.

If you think you may have entered your username and password on this fake site we strongly suggest you change your password immediately.

You can change you password by visiting:


Compromised passwords may be used to access your online services and personal information, impersonate you and conduct further fraudulent activity against your friends and colleagues.

For more information on keeping safe online and identifying email threats visit: