Are you using OneDrive for Business?


[26 February 2016]

All staff and students have to a Microsoft OneDrive for Business space.  This service provides significant storage. It's an alternative stoarge facility to MyFiles with the added advantage of being available easily online integrated with Microsoft Office applications and accessible through mobile apps.

Your OneDrive for Business account is part of Office365.  The University has entered into a contract with Microsoft to provide a suite of applications under Microsoft Office 365. This provides access to Office applications online and the cloud storage service, OneDrive for Business. A thorough investigation of privacy and security issues took place as part of the agreement.

OneDrive can be accessed via or via the University portal MyBristol, under the ‘Email, Docs and Wiki’ tab. Simply log in using <username> (eg. and your University password.

Word, Excel and Powerpoint provide the option to save to your OneDrive for Business space when you select ‘save as’. Simply log in using <username> (eg. and your University password.