Problems affecting some staff MyFiles storage, 26th Feb


[26 February 2016]

Update, 17:25, 26th February:  All MyFiles accounts should now be available. IT Services apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

We are experiencing issues with the MyFiles service affecting a large number of staff.  IT Services are working to resolve the problem. This will typically affect access to ‘My Documents’ and the 'Desktop' to access data and save, slow logon times to University computers as well as some slow performance on those machines, as well as issues with access and performance of Microsoft Office applications eg. Word.

Please be aware of the other filestores available to you.

All users have a Microsoft OneDrive for Business space.  This can be accessed via the University portal MyBristol, under the ‘Email, Docs and Wiki’ tab. You can easily move data from MyFiles to OneDrive byfollowing these instructions (PDF). Word, Excel and Powerpoint provide the option to save to your OneDrive for Business space when you select ‘save as’. Simply log in using <username> (eg. and your University password.

In many cases OneDrive is the right place for data you want to keep as MyFiles is not intended for departmental or research data, or for personal use. MyFiles is a convenient and fast location to work on your documents whilst at a University Computer.

IT Services apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Updates will be posted on the IT Status page.