MyFiles issues seen between 9-11th February


[11 February 2016]

Since Tuesday we have experienced issues with the MyFiles service which has affected access for various groups of staff and students. On the afternoon of 10th February and again this morning, we experienced problems with two of the nodes that run the MyFiles cluster. Unfortunately, these issues affected parts of the MyFiles service, rendering them unavailable to the staff and students whose files were on them.  This would have caused problems with desktop performance, logging in to computers and access to MyFiles.

Communications to those affected by these incidents is difficult. Parts of the filestore are affected, so some staff /students will be impacted but many are not. Those affected are located in different parts of the University.   We have made every effort to keep the IT status page updated and the Service Desk and Zonal IT staff have been responding to queries.

Issues with MyFiles have been resolved and MyFile is available again to all.  We believe we have identified the root cause and taken action to significantly reduce the risk of another incident and further work will be taking place to fix the cause.

IT Services apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused.