Enhanced web security for staff and students on the University network


[06 July 2016]

From Monday 11th July, IT Services will begin blocking access to a range of known malicious websites.

Increasingly, websites are used for the distribution and exploitation of malicious software designed to disrupt and defraud our students and staff; demonstrated by the rise in phishing emails and the recent spate of ‘ransomware’ attacks.

We will be blocking access to a significant number of malicious websites.  The list of sites is compiled by a professional third party. Anyone trying to access one of these sites using the University wired or wireless network will be directed to a University of Bristol site explaining why access has been prevented.

The list of malicious websites is highly controlled and blocking legitimate websites is very unlikely. If a legitimate site you need access to is blocked then please contact the IT Service Desk.

Please note:

  • Not all malicious sites will be included in the lists we have. You should always take care when clicking on links and opening attachments sent via email.
  • The block only applies to activity on the University network -  wired connection, eduroam, VPN or remote desktop. This does not include the visitor wireless The Cloud or your home or mobile network.