Making the most of wireless


[01 October 2015]

The Eduroam Wireless Network

Hopefully you've managed to get your laptop connected to Eduroam but it's easy to get your smartphone and tablet connected too.  We have a page dedicated to mobile devices to help you access wireless, email and calendar.

Student Laptop and Mobile Clinic

The laptop and mobile clinic is a free service to help students at Bristol. Bring your laptop, tablet or smartphone along to the clinic and we'll try and solve the problem while you wait.

Printing from personal devices

You can print documents from your own personal devices and collect them from any Print Release enabled printer. Set up Print Release on your laptop or use Print via Email on your tablet or smartphone.

The Cloud - Visitor Wireless

The Cloud wireless is available to visitors to the University who don't have access to Eduroam.  If you've used The Cloud wireless before then no doubt your device has connected to it.  As convenient as The Cloud may be when in a coffee shop it is not a patch on the performance of Eduroam, therefore we strongly suggest that you don't use The Cloud.  Some devices connect to The Cloud in preference to Eduroam but this can be easily fixed, instructions can be found via the link below.