Confluence Wiki upgrade, 28 May

downloading screen

[22 May 2015]

The University wiki service will be upgraded to the latest version, Confluence Wiki version 5.7.0, on Thursday 28th May.

Due to this work the wiki content will not be editable on the day between 09:00 -14:00 but content can still be viewed.

Between 14:00 - 17:00 on 28th May the wiki service will be unavailable for both editing and viewing of content.

Upgrade- Confluence Wiki version 5.7.0.

New features

In the new version, the Wiki markup editor will not be available. You can still insert markups through the edit interface and the Source Editor tool is available to edit the html source directly.

Activity not supported in the upgraded version

Space Admins ability to invite external users

In the older versions of Confluence, Space Administrators had a functionality to invite External Users to their space, using a plugin 'Invite user'. Unfortunately, that plugin is not supported in the latest version.

External users can still be invited but a request must be raised, via the IT Service Desk, to apply the change.

Space Admins ability to edit Group management

The ability for space administrators to 'Manage Users and Groups' was disabled on September 2012 due to security issues. Unfortunately, in the new version of the plugin the security issue has not been addressed as expected, therefore the group management will still be unavailable for Space administrators. Request to set this up must be raised via the IT Service Desk.