Visitor wireless is changing


[19 May 2015]

The University is introducing The Cloud wifi, to provide access to guests and members of the public on University premises.

We are currently piloting the service in several locations with the aim to have it available across the campus and halls of residence in early June 2015.

At that time we will cease VisitorNet, our in house service, which currently provides access to visitors to a wireless service.

Please note that Eduroam, for Bristol staff and students, plus guests from other academic organisations, will remain unchanged and is the preferred service for staff and students.

What are the benefits of this new visitor wifi service

  • Improved connection process for visitors to wireless.
  • Available on demand via a simple one-time registration process.
  • Provide an Internet service, where none currently exists:
    • For visitors at graduation ceremonies, public lectures.
    • Members of the public using our coffee shops and other facilities.
    • Provision for prospective students on widening participation activity, open days and events.
    • B&B holidaymakers in residences.
    • Visitors from industry and other organisations.
  • It is free at point of use.
  • Compliant with JANET's Public Network Access Policy.
  • Covers all wireless locations throughout the university.
  • Easy, consistent, connection process for all people connecting.
  • Remove the need for UoB staff to issue and record visitor connections.

Further information and documentation will be available on the wireless website when the service goes live in June.

If you have any questions about this service please contact the IT Service Desk