Update to VoIP phone system, 1st December


[20 November 2015]

(This work was postponed from 26th October)

Work is planned to the VoIP phone service as part of a move from the 30 year old telephone infrastructure on to a more resilient modern phone system over network. The current situation of running our VoIP phone service over old infrastructure leads to complications and performance issues.

The work will move all numbers beginning 0017 39 41XXX to a new provider.

The work will take place on

  • Tuesday 1st December between 10am and 5pm

On the above date from 10am each phone line starting 0017 39 41XXX will be moved across one at a time. During the move there will be an interruption to service for each phone of around one minute.  During that short period no calls can be made or received on that phone and current calls will be cut off.

The new phone system over network brings numerous benefits in providing more functions and features, flexibility in directing calls, one number for life and online / mobile management of the service. In particular this change of provider brings:

  • Free local and national calls
  • Reduced rates for mobile and internal calls
  • Those called will be able to see the number of the staff member calling (currently this is not possible)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this work please contact the IT Service Desk.