VoIP phone problems, 15 September


[15 September 2015]

Since 3pm on Tuesday 15th September we have experienced problems with the VoIP phone service. The service was generally unavailable from 3pm -5pm but is currently available. We will continue to monitor the service over the evening.

During the problem periods VoIP phone users have been unable to make external or internal calls or receive calls from outside the VoIP phone system. Those using VoIP phones are able to call 999 and 112 on the phones in an emergency.

Phones on the VoIP system can be identified by the initial numbers '41' at the start of the internal number eg. 0117 39 41XXX

Some parts of the University are on the VoIP system and callers may have experienced issues with contacting staff in those teams. This includes teams or staff in:

  • Life Sciences Building
  • Richmond Building
  • Langford
  • Campaigns & Alumni
  • Admissions
  • IT Services
  • 15-19 Tyndall Park Road
  • Stoke Bishop

Most phone users in the University are not on this system and were not affected.

IT Services apologise for the inconvenience this has caused. We are currently investigating the cause with the assistance of our suppliers.