T4 Site Manager publishing update

[30 January 2015]

Dear web publishers,

As you are aware T4 Site Manager is experiencing significant publishing delays. To help improve matters while IT Services investigates a long-term solution, the Web Editor team are implementing T4 Site Manager's archiving functionality on certain sections. This will only apply to sections where content does not need to be regularly updated.

What is an archived section?

Within T4 Site Manager, sections can be flagged as 'archived'. An archived section will take on the following appearance in T4 Site Manager:


Archiving removes the section from the scheduled publish cycle that takes place several times a day. This will reduce the volume of content in the publish cycle, making publishing quicker.

Archiving does not remove content from the public-facing web.

The Web Editor team are marking sections as archived. You do not need to make any sections archived yourself.

How to update archived content (moderators only)

If you need to update content within a section that has been archived, this is simple to do:

1. Modify the archived section;

2. Deselect the archive check box (see green outline on screenshot below). If you cannot do this you may not have sufficient permissions, please contact your website administrator. When a section is archived, any subsections inherit the archived status. When editing a subsection, don't forget to check its parent section (higher up the hierarchy) to see if it has been archived.

3. Click 'update'. You can now update and approve your content as usual. Review IT Services will be reviewing the effect archived content has on the publishing cycle. Additional content may need to be archived, in which case we will let you know.

Many thanks for your co-operation.


IT Services / Web Editor team