Student survey feedback - top rating for IT Services


[30 June 2015]

In the recently published results of the Student Barometer survey, the University of Bristol was ranked first amongst the Russell Group universities for Internet access in accommodation. The independent survey of global institutions also found that students at Bristol are increasingly happy with technology, (such as computers and Blackboard) and with IT support provided for them.

The responses, collected in the Autumn Term, show a significant increases in satisfaction by students over the last two years:

  • Internet access (on arrival) - 85.9%. (2012), 87.4% (2014)
  • Internet access (complete) - 84.7% (2012), 86.7% (2014)
  • Virtual learning (Blackboard) - 88.9%% (2012), 94% (2014)
  • Technology (PCs and networks) - 86.8% (2012), 92.1% (2014)
  • IT Service Desk/Computer Centre support - 90.7%, (2012), 94.2% (2014)

This follows positive responses earlier this year. March was Survey Month for students. We had the National Student Survey (NSS) for final year undergraduates, the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) for research postgraduates and the new, internal YourBristolSurvey for all other students. This new survey asked similar questions to the NSS, assessing satisfaction with teaching, learning, assessment, feedback, personal development, organisation of courses, academic support and learning resources. The last section included 3 questions related to IT Services.

The good news is that satisfaction with all 3 IT-related categories was high and amongst the top 10 (out of 31). Even better, we came top! The statement which scored highest satisfaction amongst undergrads, out of all statements in the survey, was, "I have been able to use my own device(s) to access University IT resources" - 87% of undergrads agreed with this, only 3% disagreed.

The relevant statements and scores are:

  • I have been able to use my own device(s) to access University IT resources - UG - 87% agree, 3% disagree, (ranked 1st). PGT - 89% agree, 2% disagree, (ranked 2nd)
  • I have been able to access University IT facilities when I needed to; - UG - 78% agree, 5% disagree, (ranked 7th). PGT - 85% agree, 3% disagree, (ranked 4th)
  • University online services have supported my learning - UG - 78% agree, 4% disagree, (ranked 8th). PGT - 84% agree, 3% disagree, (ranked 5th).

These results follow increasingly positive feedback from students about general IT provision and improved satisfaction with services. The NSS results, based on a response to the statement ‘ ‘I have been able to access general IT resources when I needed to’ has shown continual improvement from 88% agreeing in 2012 to 89% in 2013 and 90% in the last year’s survey.

The Student IT Survey, run every two years, also reflects this positive trend with satisfaction rating for services improving for key services:

  • Eduroam - 65% (2012), 84% (2014)
  • Blackboard - 58% (2012), 80% (2014)
  • MyBristol - 67% (2012), 86% (2014)

These results are a testament to the hard work by IT Services staff over the past few years into improving and expanding our student services.