Reports of staff and students receiving phishing emails regarding student grants, Blackboard or MyBristol


[03 October 2015]

We have had reports that staff and students are receiving very sophisticated spam emails regarding a number of  topics including student grants, Blackboard or MyBristol. Some messages are shown as sent from addresses.

Please note that these are not legitimate. Typically the sites do not look like our website but in some cases could be copies.

If the message does appear in your inbox you can mark it as spam in Gmail. View the email in Gmail and you will see a button at the top with an exclamation mark in it. If you hover over it it says 'Report spam'. Click that button and the email will be marked as spam. As Google 'learns' this it will apply the rule across the University, helping to prevent similar messages getting through.

The University will never ask you to disclose your password. On rare occasions IT Services may need to contact you about your account or request that you change your password, we will direct you to the University's secure "Changing passwords" web page at: Please familiarise yourself with the look and feel of this web page.

If concerned go to the website and search for the page rather than clicking the link.

We have also seen copies of University webpages and would therefore advise that you hover the mouse over the link given in an email and check the actual link shown matches what is in the email and is a / address as it is easy to show one link but have that link take you elsewhere.

We will never ask you to supply your username and password by email.

Please be aware that messages with the announcement at the top stating that "This message was not sent to Spam based upon your organisation's request" may still be a phishing attempt.