Panopto pilot project closure

[02 September 2015]

The Panopto pilot project has now come to an end and no further recordings should be made using the Panopto system.

The desktop recorder will be removed from all University centrally managed computers.

A licence with Pantopto will continue until August 2017 so all content that has been created will still be accessible.

If you need access to materials after this date, you will need to either download and store them on network drives or upload them to Mediasite. We will contact users closer to this date to provide instructions on how to do this.

The timetabling team have been passed a list of units that have been recorded using Panopto and they have been given priority for rooms that have the Mediasite system installed. If you wish to check please contact your school support team or check the provisional timetable.

If you would like to record something at your desk you can now access the Mediasite Desktop Recorder. If you would like some support on how to do this please contact

If you have any questions please email